Food, Shelter, & Recreational Efforts for Homeless is what ‘Love & Sharing’ Means

Our purpose

Actions speak louder than words. Our goal is to initiate small efforts where we can bring life-changing results for the ones who crave for our love and support.

Let Your Charity be Your Greatest Spending

We help your donations meet the right people. With our trusted channels and donation drives, we make sure that your humanitarian act always becomes a benefit for the ones who really need and deserve it.

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Make a Donation

Make someone’s life beautiful who doesn’t have it with sharing love.

Success Stories

"I have been privileged to have an opportunity to get financial assistance from Love and Sharing Organization that made it possible for me to enroll in college and get a career-oriented life."

Leanne Symonds

"Just got my 3 months pending medical bills through voluntary help from these guys. Really appreciate the initiative you guys have taken for people in need."

Brooke Jones

I have been a regular volunteer at Love and Sharing help center, and I have really enjoyed working here while witnessing how these guys are taking donators onboard and supporting the needy people.

Tim Shane