Community Services

We are working with a vision to build self-sustainable communities where sharing your part becomes convenient, and every cent you donate reaches the right person. With a community so strong, we aim to make betterment constant and selfless for everyone.

Food Delivery Drives

Hunger could severely affect society. That is why we are here to organize sufficient food drives where we deliver food parcels to orphans, old age homes, and to homeless people. With such derives, our aim is to never let anyone sleep hungry. If you are privileged enough to have the ability to share, then Love and Sharing is the right platform to amplify your ability and benefit the needy ones.

Educational Assistance

Education brings the ultimate and long-lasting change in society. Teaching one student can carry forward the great wisdom of knowledge to multiple generations. Hence, we motivate and help people both with a financial and non-financial ways to enhance their access to education and bring life-changing opportunities for those who are unable to pursue studies.

Financial Aid

Direct monetary help is another channel of our charity cycle where we directly help people in financial terms to get rid of rent, mortgages, medical bills, and other issues. With roaring inflation, it is hard for many people to maintain a normal living. Our little makes a lot of difference in assisting them to attain a livable life.

Recreational Activities

Everyone deserves to be happy irrespective of their financial or socio-economic status. With ‘Love & Sharing’ donation derives, we aim to create recreational events for children, homeless people, and especially senior citizens who usually miss the opportunity to socialize due to certain constraints.

Make a Donation

Make someone’s life beautiful who doesn’t have it with sharing love.

Success Stories

"I have been privileged to have an opportunity to get financial assistance from Love and Sharing Organization that made it possible for me to enroll in college and get a career-oriented life."

Leanne Symonds

"Just got my 3 months pending medical bills through voluntary help from these guys. Really appreciate the initiative you guys have taken for people in need."

Brooke Jones

I have been a regular volunteer at Love and Sharing help center, and I have really enjoyed working here while witnessing how these guys are taking donators onboard and supporting the needy people.

Tim Shane